Features of Loop

Description of services offerd

Selling recycled resources  ≫

We manufacture Super Sol(foamed material).  Taking an advantage of it’s lightness, drainage, water retentivity, they are used for gardening, landscaping, inorganic soil improving material.

Buying resources  ≫

We take advantage of the experience and know-how of waste disposal and recyclable items such as metal, non-ferrous metal from home, office or construction site.  We can buy at satisfactory price.


Industrial waste disposal  ≫

We both have licenses on Industrial Waste Collection/Transportation and Disposal so we can pursue consistent work on collection, transportation, disposal to recycle.


Recycle ≫

We work on 3R(reduce, reuse, recycle) and continue to use repeatedly limited resources of the earth.  We recycle metal, non-ferrous metal, concrete, gypsum board.


Others ≫

Confidential document will be burned responsibly at our site without leaking. 

Attendance is possible.



Contact us ≫

For more information on the different services and dealings, please feel free to contact us at any time


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